Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just want to share

Last night I had a delicious dinner! My bf's friend caught a fish while spear diving late Sunday night. The fish he caught is a Parrot fish, but referred to as "Uhu" in Hawaiian by locals. The fish was so fresh it smelled of the ocean. I've heard people say to always buy fish that smells like the ocean, but since I don't buy much fish here, I've never experienced this. I ran to the store to grab some stuff while he gutted the fish, that is a sight I wish I could have seen! He stuffed the fish with butter and garlic, vegetables, shrimp and Hawaiian Sea Salt. I made some pasta tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper and it was delicious together!
During the day yesterday I made some profiteroles and a mango cream. A recipe I found in a 2005 issue of Bon Appetit. I was not as impressed as others that reviewed the recipe, but you may enjoy it? Mango Filled Cream Puffs
Recipes to come: Parmesean and Panko crusted chicken, lemon pound cake, Chicken adobo and beef short ribs!!

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Steph said...

Dude!! Parrot fish????!!! Seriously??? That's insane! I'll bet it was delicious... but it just seems too pretty to eat!!! :)