Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Family heritage

One of my newest "obsessions" has been tracing my family history. All four of my grandparents have passed away and so have many of their siblings. This leaves much left up to the bits and pieces I have to put together from my mom and dad and aunts and uncles who can't even agree on their mother's real name. The verdict- I am a European MUTT with a touch of the Caribbean! Polish, English, Irish, French, Austrian, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Taino Indian! Even though I am a mix of rich cultures I grew up predominately eating and experiences the culture of my dad's side, the Puerto Rican side. I can make rice and beans with my eyes shut! I am ready for a culinary challenge, both on the chopping board and in my mouth!

This morning I decided to make pierogi. After writing down dozens of dough recipes I finally decided on one. Super easy to put together and needs to rest only 30 minutes, long enough to peel and boil your potatoes and grate some cheese. I went to the fridge to grab some cheddar and found myself disappointed to find manchego, mozzarella, goat cheese, the processed crap my boyfriend loves and a few others, but no cheddar. I have about as much patience as a three year old and waiting until my COSTCO trip tomorrow is not an option. Living in Maui means the "local" grocery stores don't offer the same variety as the mainland.

Success or failure? Stay tuned!

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