Saturday, October 10, 2009

POM Spritzer

I was watching Everyday Italian on Thursday. Giada was making healthy snacks and one of those was a Pomegranate/Cranberry Spritzer, which was a healthier alternative to soda. I immediately thought of the POM juice I have in my fridge that Kristen at POM Wonderful sent over. You MUST try the juice, and you must visit POM Wonderful !!!
The juice is terrific on its own, but truly amazing when added to drinks and recipes. The health benefits are endless and totally worth drinking something that also tastes great. I have MANY more to come.... the instant I got the e-mail, asking if I'd like to try some... the ideas swirled in my head...add to sauces, mix it with chocolate, and of course mixed into some cocktails!

POM Spritzer

Wedge of lime

I used 1 part POM to 3 parts Perrier with a squirt of Lime juice. So refreshing and so delicious! Of course serving in a Champagne glass makes it more festive!


A Year on the Grill said...

Thanks for the tip. I just found out I am going to be getting some next week, and I am looking for ways to use it

Thanks again

Donna-FFW said...

This sounds like the most PERFECT use of POM!

Spryte said...

This looks SO refreshing!!!

I will definitely be giving it a try!

I mention in my post set to post tomorrow (10/15)

Spryte said...

There's a little something for you over here...

Linda said...

Great blog...glad I found you!

rebecca said...

crI think it is time to post some more recipes. You're slacking.