Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Add some flavor to that baked potato!

This is a fast and easy way to add a little flavor to your baked potatoes. You cut open that steamy potato and add lots of toppings...cheese, sour cream, and butter, but once all that is gone, the rest of the potato tends to be pretty bland. The flavor of bay leaf is a great addition to your baked potatoes!

Simply make a deep slit in your uncooked potato and tuck a bay leaf as far down as you can go.
Wrap and bake as you would normally do. Remove the bay leaf before eating. Sometimes I will bake the potato for a couple of minutes just to soften it slightly, which makes it easier to get the bay leaf in there. The fragrant aroma of the bay leaf permeates the flesh of the potato. Enjoy!

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Kacey said...

This is a great idea!!!