Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Obsessed with Clean House, the show that is!

I'm obsessed with the show Clean House on the style network! I tune in with my big mug of coffee and shreik at some of the houses I see! Last night I actually dreamt about it. That's a little much isn't it?

It causes me to take a look around and see if I'm a bit guilty myself! No, of course not! Well, if I took a picture of my dining room table you'd probably call Clean House and beg them to come my way. For now I'll just show you a couple of my cookbooks, magazines, recipe box, and recipe folder along with a candle I was suppose to send my sister for her birthday last week and a calender which is obviously not hung up on the wall where it belongs!
Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of the big box filled to the top with old issues of the most popular cooking and home magazines! I've been meaning to get to them, promise!
What's your can't live without collection?

1 comment:

rebecca said...

I want the Ina cookbook. I made the pork tenderloin in the back to basics and the grits...pretty good! When you come HOME we can try some of the other recipes. What scent is that candle? lol Love you