Thursday, December 3, 2009

BBQ Sauce with a touch of POM

The picture isn't so great, I know, but head over to Annie's Eats and you'll find a great photo of the BBQ Sauce she made, which was the base for the one I created. The sauce is made with both tomatoes and vinegars, which I really like. If you have not found her blog, you MUST visit! Her pictures alone are enough to keep you interested!
I added a bit of mustard to mine AND after looking around on My Year On the Grill I was inspired to add a couple tablespoons of POM, which I saw in one of his posts about BBQ Sauce. I still had quite a bit left from the shipment I received from POM Wonderful so I gave it a try. If you love to BBQ you should really check out the blog! The grilling that happens over there is not just your traditional ribs and burgers, he grills everything! I know I've seen many gadgets and grilling ideas I never thought to try, but now can't wait to!
The sauce came out great. The POM gave it a little twist, which I loved and my bf, who doesn't care for BBQ, really enjoyed it on the BBQ chicken and ribs we made that weekend.
Get on over to these great sites!


A Year on the Grill said...

BF doesn;t care for BBQ... HMMM, is it too late yet???

But seriously, thanks for the shout out, and it does add a kick. i ahve been getting siome bottled sauces as gifts recently, but i am saving my POM for my sauce!

Great post, and keep an eye on that non BBQ eater, something is just not right

Anonymous said...

Another shout out, I'd like to see larger photos of your dishes. The devil is in the details. I follow another blogspot faithfully, Her name is Dawn.