Sunday, August 23, 2009


Growing up we often shopped in the little bodegas, or Spanish markets for special ingredients my mom would need to make the Puerto Rican dishes she'd serve. My sisters and I would always grab a bag... or two... or maybe three of merengue. Little clouds of delicious sugary whipped egg whites. How can something soo simple taste so good.

There are many different ways to make these heavenly pillows, with or without cream of tartar, powdered or granulated sugar, using a syrup or not, but I have found all the recipes I've tried produce mostly the same results.

Give them a try. Serve them plain, drizzled with chocolate, toasted coconut sprinkled on top, or sandwich them together.. yum!


Whisk some more... until soft peaks form, gradually adding sugar

Once stiff peaks form

Spoon onto sheet and bake


4 egg whites

pinch of salt

1/4 tspn. cream of tartar

1 1/3 cup sugar

Preheat oven to 275 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Whip the egg whites with salt and cream of tartar until they hold soft peaks. Gradually add the sugar while whipping until stiff peaks form. Spoon by teaspoonfuls onto sheet and bake until merengue easily peel off, about 25 minutes.

The way I am used to making these is with a bit lower heat and much longer cooking time, but you may use the method above.


Donna-FFW said...

These sound yummy. Low calorie too? I like suggestions you gave for eating them. Ill have to try these!!

Vanessa said...
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Vanessa said...

Check out this website for calorie information. I'm not sure how accurate it is?

I will look into it!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had this in ages! Looks great! :D

Navita (Gupta) Hakim said...

Hi there my first time those merengues....can u plz expalin the difference in making macaroons n these/...m kind confused. n oh yes my egg whites never form a peak...i don't own a beater/kitchen aid...elbow grease only ;(

Janice Soriano said...

This recipe is easier than mine, I left my meringues in the oven for 3 hours at 200 degrees.

Gypsy Girl Gourmet said...

Macaron: is french and uses finely ground almonds or almond powder
Macaroon: is a dense cookie made with coconut and sweetened condensed milk
Tips for success:
1. separate eggs when cold in smaller bowls before adding to main mixing bowl
2. room temp eggs beat the best
3. use a clean, DRY bowl. Do not use plastic since oil can often be trapped in small scratches
4. NO yolk can be present. This will hinder the eggs from stiffening
Good Luck! I sent a longer version to you via e-mail!

Erin said...

Oh, I just love cooking and baking things that I remember from my childhood. When food has an element of nostalgia it is a million times yummier, I think. How fun that you can make these at home now. :)

rebecca said...

YUM!! I should make these. Easy and inexpensive =)